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Financial Planning

7 Pearl Methodology

Through our years of experience & academic knowledge gained in financial planing certification and help from our respected Industry experts, MODIAL MMX has designed its "7 pearl methodology". Our Financial planners rigorously follow this methodology to derive the highest benefit to our clients. Our 7 Pearl Methodology for Financial Planning consist of :


Introduction & Disclosure

As a professional we mandate ourself to disclose full detail about our Company, our Services, our Methodology, Confidentiality of the client information, our Cost Structure and any other detail which clients wishes to know. This brings Transparency in the whole process and helps clients to set their expectation right & take informed decision.


Requirement Gathering

This is very important part to start with Financial planning process. This consist of very in depth information gathering session which is required for us to proceed with analysing & designing the customized client beneficial solution.


Concept Explanation

All our analysis & suggestions are based on industry best Practices, Time tested and proven concepts. This is the stage we take up a role of teacher & explain all those concepts which is required for client to understand about managing personal Finance. This sets the stage for client to understand the value proposition and rational behind our Future Suggestions & solutions.


Customised Solution

After thoroughly analysing the information collected in requirement gathering session, our experienced Financial planners comes out with comprehensive report. This report consist of all our observation, suggestions & possible solutions along with its reasons.



A presentation of Comprehensive report leads to the next stage of discussion , clarification & final agreement. This process ends with mutually agreed targets, plan of action and time line.


Implement solution

Every action in the agreed plan goes for implementation as per mutually agreed schedule. Our assigned Relationship managers make sure the timely completion of action plan at agreed schedule.


Periodic Review

Nothing in the world is static so do the Financial plan. As the Life progress, your Financial plan also need to be align with changes in your Life, economic conditions and many more. We conduct a periodic review on annual bases to ensure the competency of your Financial plan.