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Insurance - Life and General

Insurance - Life and General

An essential element of risk management and financial planning, Insurance plays an important role in overall wealth creation. Insurance is a risk mitigating method that transfers an individual's risk to the pool managed by a Professional Insurance company at a small cost called "Premium". It protects you from adverse financial impacted in case of occurrence of the risk.

Depending upon the kind of risk one is exposed to, one needs to select the right kind of cover to mitigate the risk. For example; As an earning member of the family, one needs to ensure the continuity of income in case of any eventuality like accident, disability, health problems or premature death. Each of these risk requires a specific cover to eliminate it's impact.

Life Insurance

It assures a payment of the corpus to the family which can be deployed to generate a regular income. This helps to maintain family lifestyle at the same level. Life Insurance can be taken as a pure Risk Cover Policy or with saving policy. This depends upon if one wants to only cover the risk or intends to create wealth for future. This coverage is offered by Life Insurance companies.

Health Insurance

It is said that Health is Wealth. Still One needs to protect himself against any health related issues. It is recommended to take sufficient health coverage for the entire family. There are various kinds of health cover available in the market. A careful selection of most appropriate coverage is highly recommended. One needs a combination of Hospital expense reimbursement along with critical illness cover to achieve complete protection. This coverage is offered by both General Insurance and Life Insurance companies.

Accident and Disability Insurance

Modern day Travel has drastically increased the risk of accident resulting in partial / permanent disability or even Death. Disability can create a peculiar problem as Life insurance benefit will not be available but the income may get impacted significantly. A properly selected accident and Disability insurance can compensate you financially to cover this risk.

Asset Insurance

All the above mentioned insurance covers risks associated with Life. But one also needs to cover the Assets owned. Any damage to the asset can reduce it's value drastically. There are various kinds of Insurance available to cover one's assets like Property, Vehicle, Jewellery, Office, Machinery or anything else that has a measurable economic value. This coverage is provided by General Insurance companies.

Mondial MMX Financial, through it's '7 Pearl methodology' of Financial Planning helps you identify the risk and select the most appropriate cover to protect from it. We help you to acquire the policy and maintain it for the duration of the risk.