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Fixed Deposits and Corporate Bonds

Fixed Deposits and Corporate Bonds

Fixed Deposit is the most popular saving instrument for parking the fund for protection of the capital with an assured return. Fixed Deposits are offered by Banks and Corporates also. Bank Deposits are generally secured only up to Rs. 1 Lakh against the default. Corporate Fixed deposits are considered little more riskier with a higher return compared to bank Deposits. These deposits are unsecured, i.e., if the company defaults, the investor cannot sell the documents to recover his capital, thus making them a risky investment option. One can also park the money in other instruments like Bonds and Debentures. Some of them are secured against Company's assets.

Generally, Senior Citizens are offered higher returns than normal investors.

Mondial MMX helps to to find the right saving instrument priortising the safety of the Capital and then higher rate of return. With our Online Portal, our customers can even track their Fixed Deposits online.