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Financial Planning

Financial Planning

What? Why? Benefits?

MONDIAL MMX Financial is in mission of offering personalised Financial planning service to its clients to enable them reach Financial Security and Financial Independence.

MONDIAL MMX Financial follows "7 pearl methodology" which is invented through academic validated Financial planning process combined with 10 years experiences of understanding clients needs.

Generaly an individual deals with financial intermidiatory like agents, brokers, Tax consultants etc. This result in he getting the advice only from that angle in which his Financial intermidiatory has got expertise.

It is a Financial planner who looks at his Finances from all the angle through his holistic Financial planning approach and then advices him considering his benefit in mind & best approach to fulfill his need.

What is Financial Planning?
Financial planning is a process that can help you reach your goals by evaluating your whole financial situation, then outlining strategies that are customised to your individual needs and available resources. One of the main benefits of having a financial plan is that it can help you balance conflicting financial priorities. A financial plan will clearly show you how your financial goals are related; for example, how saving for your children's college education might impact your ability to save for retirement. Then you will use the information you've gathered to decide how to prioritize your goals, implement specific strategies, and choose suitable products or services. Best of all, you'll have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your financial life is on track.

Why Financial Planning?
You almost certainly have plans - starting a family, buying a primary or secondary home, retiring, or maybe annual vacation - but have you looked into the financial implications of turning those plans into reality?

The sooner you start financial planning, the better chance you have of realising your goals.

Benefits of Financial Planning

  • Helps you understand your present Financial standing
  • Helps you eliminate the drawbacks in present method of Money management
  • Helps you evaluate your capability to fulfil your needs in desired time schedule
  • Help protect and grow your savings & investments in a tax efficient way.
  • Protect dependents and income from the unexpected and the unwelcome events.
  • Increase the after-tax legacy you pass on to your beneficiaries.